Use of certification marks


The Noble Cert mark is a confirmation of reliability and effectiveness, at the same time as it is an opportunity to show your credibility and competitiveness in the market.


You show to your clients or customers that you provide services and products that are safe for them as well as their immediate surroundings and the environment in which they live.


The Noble Cert mark will undoubtedly be an indication of your organisation's distinction on the local and international market.


You will dynamically acquire new clients and investors, and by gaining their trust, you will build a positive image and reputation of your organization.


Only organisations certified by Noble Cert are allowed to use the mark.







The logo presented expresses the basic characteristics that identify the control body  

Noble Cert. 




The lions in our logo represent wisdom, strength and action. Noble means nobility, and cert is certainty. All actions taken by Noble Cert comply with best practice.








  • It clearly states which management system has been certified and which certification body has granted the certificate.
  • It informs that the Client has successfully passed the certification or recertification process.
  • It is used by certified customers according to specific rules.
  • It is used jointly with the accreditation mark of the Polish Centre for Accreditation only by Clients whose certificates are issued together with the accreditation mark.


The use of the Noble Cert mark is verified during surveillance audits and recertification.


Certified Clients may use the marks only during the period of validity of the certificate on documents which relate to the area of the organisation's operations, specified in the scope of the certificate.


Form, appearance, location of marks


The Noble Cert marks may be used in the form, size and colour specified in the document relating to the "Noble Cert Application Rules and Certificate".


All copies of the marks must be based on the model provided by Noble Cert in electronic form.


Noble Cert provides marks as jpg and pdf files.


Use of marks in documents and advertising materials


The clients may use the marks on documents and advertising materials only in relation to the certified area specified in the certificate, provided that certain rules are met.


Text references to certification


Noble Cert allows the following phrase to be used instead of or together with the marks of the certified system: "We have the ......... management system certified by Noble Cert – certificate No. ...".


Usage of certificates


The certificates may be published in their entirety, as well as distributed to third parties as a copy. Smaller or larger copies are also accepted. 1:1 scale copies must be clearly identified. Changes, falsifications and extracts from certificates (including extensions) are prohibited.



In case of any doubts as to the use of the marks, please contact

Noble Cert in writing for clarification.





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